VDLUFA provides a wide range of services in the field of agricultural testing and research, especially:

  • in the development, testing, adaptation and validation of uniform methods,
  • in the organisation and implementation of ring tests (interlaboratory studies) and comparison of analyses for quality assurance,
  • in the implementation of a harmonised assessment of test results,
  • by organising the VDLUFA congress as a platform for applied agricultural research,
  • by providing a platform for the specific exchange of information and experience by way of the VDLUFA sections,
  • by preparing VDLUFA position papers,
  • by coordinating cooperative implementation of special analyses,
  • by lobbying in national and international committees,
  • by supporting cooperation at European level,
  • by providing a platform for the exchange of information amongst members and subscribers.

Detailed examples of the services listed in this overwiev are provided in the paper “Services Provided by VDLUFA and Its Members for Agricultural Analytics and Research in Germany” (PDF document – 3.682 kB).