Section VI: Feedstuff Analysis

The Feedstuff Analysis expert group currently consists of 167 colleagues who work at Agricultural Analysis and Research Institutes (LUFA), the State Institutes for Agriculture, Universities as in the feed and food industry.

Section VI considers it their chief task to achieve a common approach in the application of methods and the interpretation of analytical results in the field of feedstuff analysis.

To do so, the group members are active in the following areas:

  • development of methods and their validation (Methods Book, volume III “Feed Analysis”,
  • defining the precision of methods by stipulating analytical tolerances (Analysespielräume),
  • identifying the scope of testing possible at the institutions affiliated with the VDLUFA section,
  • quality assurance by performing periodic ring tests,
  • creation of position papers on current topics concerning feed analysis,
  • supporting and counselling politicians through discussions with representatives of the Federal and Länder authorities (Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL), Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL), Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR)),
  • cooperating with national, European and international standard organizations (DIN / CEN / ISO / CEMA),
  • making statements on draft laws and regulations concerning the above-mentioned areas,
  • contributing analytical expertise to national and international committees (working group on the carry over of unwanted substances in feedstuffs at the BMEL, working group on food and feed, VFT, DLG, Society of Nutrition Physiology, Federal and Länder government working groups).

The majority of the analytical work is performed within its nine working groups and project teams:

A very essential part of the work is the dense cooperation with VDLUFA Expert Group VIII “Environmental Analysis and Trace Analysis”.

1. Chairman: Dr. Benedikt Brand
Chemisches und Veterinäruntersuchungsamt Westfalen (Anstalt des öffentliches Rechts)
Zur Taubeneiche 10-12, 59821 Arnsberg, Germany
Phone: +49.234.957194.270   Fax: +49.234.957194.290
2. Chairman: Dr. Sandra Hoedtke
LMS Agrarberatung GmbH / LUFA Rostock
Graf-Lippe-Straße 1, 18059 Rostock
Tel.: +49.381.203070, FAX:+49.381.2030790 – E-Mail:
3. Chairman: Dirk Wilke
Nevinhoff 40, 48147 Münster, Germany
Phone: +49.251.2376.595   Fax: +49.251.2376.702