Section V: Animal Nutrition and Product Quality

Section V consists of 53 colleagues coming from departments of research, testing, consulting and from the industrial sector.

The chief tasks and aims of section V are to:

  • provide a scientific forum for the presentation, discussion and publication of research results in the field of animal production with a focus on applied animal nutrition,
  • exchange information and experience with the Feedstuff Analysis section VI in order to demonstrate the correlation between ingredients and the quality of feedstuffs or their additives, respectively, as well as between animal nutrition and the quality of foodstuffs of animal origin,
  • establish and maintain liaison with all analytical working groups within VDLUFA for the purpose of retrieving and making use of the options offered by analytical testing and the spectrum of methods necessary for such testing and to
  • organise scientific workshops on specific issues concerning feedstuff, animal nutrition and the quality of animal products in order to pool knowledge and to facilitate the dissemination of knowledge and information.


1. Chairman: Dr. Markus Spolders
The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), Unit Feed and Feed Additives
Max-Dohm-Straße 8-10, 10589 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49.30.18412.1948
2. Chairman: Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Südekum
Institute of Animalistic Science, Department of Animal Nutrition, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität
Endenicher Allee 15, 53115 Bonn, Germany
Phone: +