Preceding Ring Tests


Preceding Fertiliser Ring Tests Q1-Q9

The samples from ring tests from previous years can be purchased from the head office together with information on the test results from the relevant ring test. This reference material can be utilised for the internal quality management of laboratories.

Ring Tests:

  • EU Q01/2009 (summary): NPK fertiliser (12+12+17 (+2MgO+8S))
  • EU Q02/2010 (summary): dolomite (magnesium calcium carbonate)
  • EU Q03/2011 (summary): NPK slow release fertiliser (15+9+15 (+2MgO+9S), Isobutylendiurea with S, B, Fe, Cu, Mn and Zn)
  • EU Q04/2012 (summary): Potassium Chloride with Magnesium 40 (+6+4+12)
  • EU Q05/2013 (summary): NPK fertiliser (12+12+17 (2MgO+8S))EU Q5/2013: NPK fertiliser (12+12+17 (2MgO+8S))
  • EU Q06/2014 (summary): NP 12+52EU Q6/2014: NP 12+52
  • EU Q07/2015 (summary): Liquid micronutrient fertiliser ‘Multimicro® fluid’ (no longer available)
  • EU Q08/2016 (summary): Magnesium calcium carbonate (dolomitic – limestone)
  • EU Q09/2017 (summary): Calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN 27) and Urea 46
  • EU Q10/2018: Organic NPK fertiliser
  • EU Q11/2019 Triplle-Suoperphosphat (TSP 43) an Organic NPK fertiliser
  • EU Q12/2020 Mineral NPK fertiliser with trace elemts and Organic mineral NPK-feriliser
  • EU Q13/2021 Wood ash fertiliser (mineral Ca-Mg-fertilizer with micronutrients)
  • EU Q14/2022 (summary): Mineral PK fertiliser with raw phosphate
  • EU Q15/2023 (summary): EU-fertiliser PFC 1(C)(I)(B)(II) compound liquid inorganic macronutrient fertiliser + trace elements (TE)


You can order reference material with reports using our pdf-order-form.
Forwarding or selling of test samples to third parties is not permitted.

The fees for additional shipments of reference material amount to

  • 100.00 € per sample (VDLUFA members and ring test participants)
  • 200.00 € per sample (non-members)

Forwarding or selling of test samples to third parties is not permitted.

Contact Information

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions concerning the ring test:

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