Organic Analysis Working Group

The Organic Analysis Working Group offers a platform for technical discussions amongst researchers working in the field of organic analysis. The aim of this group is to investigate the broad spectrum of activities in the analysis of organic residues and trace compounds and to respond to current issues in a timely manner.

At present, the group includes 33 researchers from agricultural test and research institutes, food control agencies and government research centres, universities and from private sector laboratories. The group cooperates closely with partner institutes in Italy, the Czech Republic and Austria.

In recent years, the group has mainly focused on the development of methods for the trace analysis of pesticides in feedstuffs, polyfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) in sewage sludge and feedstuffs as well as pesticide residues in soils. They also established the relevant procedural parameters in validation studies and ring tests. The methods have been published in the VDLUFA Methods Book volume VII “Environmental Analysis“.

The members of this group are also active in other national committees:

  • § 64 LFGB expert group “Methods of Analysis for Feedstuffs” at BVL (Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety),
  • “Animal Feedstuffs“ and “Crop Protection Products by LCMS “ working bodies at DIN,
  • “Residues and Analysis“ Working Group at BVL,
  • “Expert Group for Pesticide Residue Analysis” (EPRA) and international committees (CEN/TC 327).

During their semi-annual meetings, the members discuss matters of technical interest in addition to sharing relevant information gained in these national and international committees, thus improving the members’ current knowledge.


Chairman: Dr. Thomas Knobloch
Staatliche Betriebsgesellschaft für Umwelt und Landwirtschaft, Labore Landwirtschaft, FB 62 – Pflanzen/Futtermittel
Waldheimer Straße 219, Haus 4, 01683 Nossen, Germany
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