Section I: Plant Nutrition, Quality of Goods and Protection of Resources

This section consists of 166 colleagues from the fields of research, testing, consulting and from the industrial sector.

The field of work of this group includes the effects of crop cultivation as well as non-agricultural influences on soil, plant growth and the environment. Important subdivisions include, amongst others, humus and nutrient balances, soil life, pollution load and quality aspects of agricultural products.

The section’s defined objective is to identify and achieve as agricultural production in accordance with good farming practices which meets the requirements for sustainability and minimises environmental pollution.


1. Chairman: Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Olfs
Hochschule Osnabrück, Fakultät Agrarwissenschaften und Landschaftsarchitektur
Am Krümpel 31, 49090 Osnabrück, Germany
Phone: +49.541.969.5135   Fax: +49.541.969.15135
2. Chairman:  Dr. Martin Armbruster
Landwirtschaftliche Untersuchungs- und Forschungsanstalt (LUFA) Speyer
Obere Langgasse 40, 67346 Speyer, Germany
Phone: +49.6232.136.130   Fax: +49.6232.136.110