Horticultural Growing Media Working Group

In contrast to mineral soils, horticultural soils and substrates require analysis methods that are adapted to the specific properties of these materials and to the fertilisation procedures common in horticulture. Therefore, the aim of this group is to develop appropriate analysis methods and to optimise existing methods. These are then subjected to ring tests to verify their practicability and efficiency and to establish statistical parameters. In addition, the group establishes limit and guidance values in crop production trials. Significant methods are submitted to the VDLUFA section II for review and publication in the VDLUFA Methods Book, volume I “Soil Analysis”.

The group also aims to ensure optimum analytical quality of horticultural laboratories by regularly carrying out ring tests which are conducted and interpreted in accordance with defined specifications.

Chairwoman: Prof. Elke Meinken
Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf
Am Staudengarten 14, 85350 Freising, Germany
Mail: elke.meinken@fh-weihenstephan.de
Phone: +49.8161.71.3658    Fax: +49.8161.71.3348