Microbiological Analysis Working Group

The Microbiological Analysis Working Group focuses on technical and methodological issues concerning the microbiological analysis of antibiotics in feedstuffs. In addition to the drafting of policies for national authorities and for committees at European level, the participating microbiologists aim above all at developing and validating analytical methods. In the beginning, the major emphasis was on the development of quantitative assays for individual vitamins and antibiotic performance enhancers to be able to verify feedstuff labelling. However, recent shifts in the legislative environment have made it necessary to develop more efficient screening procedures.
The group currently includes 15 researchers from agricultural test and research institutes, food control agencies and private sector laboratories in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The major focus in recent years was on the development and validation of a so-called basic module or, in other words, a method for the qualitative screening for inhibitors in feedstuffs. This universal screening test is used to detect illegal/undesired antibiotics in animal feedstuffs or antibiotic carry-over effects. Positive test results are then verified and the amounts detected are quantified by other procedures (post-screening tests using thin-layer chromatography or HPLC, LC-MS, etc.) The applicable method has been published as method 28.4.1 in the VDLUFA Methods Book, volume II “Feedstuffs“.
The group is currently working on the following issues:
•    Improvement of the detection limits of the basic module and clarification of its wording
•    Implementation of ring tests (interlaboratory studies) for analytical quality assurance

The members of the group are also active in other national and international committees (especially in the VDLUFA Microbiology Working Group and in the European Feed Microbiology Organisation (EFMO)).

Chairman: Dr. Wolfgang Wagner
Landwirtschaftliches Technologiezentrum (LTZ) Augustenberg, Referat 24 Sachgebiet Mikrobiologie und Molekularbiologie
Neßlerstraße 23-31, 76227 Karlsruhe, Germany
Mail: wolfgang.wagner@ltz.bwl.de
Phone: +49.721.9468.194   Fax: +49.721.9468.5194